Email Answering System
Version 1.0


The Email Connector package.


Class Summary
EmailAuthenticator An authenticator for email connection attempts.
EmailConfigurationData A bean containing all email configuration data.
EmailConnection Client accessible connection object.
EmailConnectionData Java bean for holding connection info.
EmailConnectionFactory Front end email connection factory for the Connector architecture.
EmailConnectionMetaData Meta information about the underlying javax.mail providers.
EmailDefaultConnectionManager Generate javax.mail sessions wrapped for the Connector architecture.
EmailIndexedRecord The Record object used for interaction.
EmailInteraction A Common Client Interface interaction to an underlying email system.
EmailInteractionSpec Client interaction object for the email connector.
EmailManagedConnection Managed connection for the Connector architecture.
EmailManagedConnectionFactory Generate javax.mail connections wrapped for the Connector architecture.
EmailManagedConnectionMetaData Provides meta information about a managed connection.
EmailMappedRecord The Record object used for interaction.
EmailRecordFactory A generator of Record objects.
EmailResourceAdapterMetaData Information about the email resource adapter.
EmailSource Encapsulation of all the unique things for a specific Source Configuration.

Package Description

The Email Connector package.

These classes comprise a J2EE Connector that performs email functionality for other components in the container.

It was written primarily because the example email connector in the reference implementation didn't work for me. There were two reasons for this which I hope to fix with my implementation.

  • There was no way to get mail, being only an smtp sending application.
  • There was no way to add a necessary property into the session initialization.
  • It also adds the capability to asynchronously receive email from a pop3 server by polling and shove the messages onto a JMS queue to pass to a MessageDrivenBean. I know, that spinning a thread inside the container and doing things asynchronously is 'illegal', but I think it works anyway.

    I present this as a 'for what it's worth' implementation, providing the source code and design notes where appropriate so that others may benefit, not so much from the usefulness of it, but from the base on which to build other more useful stuff.

    Email Answering System
    Version 1.0

    Copyright © 2003 Derrick Oswald. All rights reserved.